Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Storage for Border Embellishments

I have a hard time finding ways to store my border embellishments for scrapbooking. I've either been storing them in the bags made for 12x12 papers or a spaghetti noodle holder...

The bags were great, because the embellishments were completely covered so they wouldn't get dirty or dusty, but if I wasn't careful, they would get bent up in the bags. The noodle holder was wonderful because they didn't get bent, but I had no way to cover them except for putting a plastic bag over them...not very attractive.

While grocery shopping a couple days ago, I noticed these super stack Pringles (that I happened to have a coupon for) and I thought that this container would be perfect for storing borders. Is it sad that I buy food items just to reuse their containers for something else???

The can still wasn't quite tall enough, so I did have to make some modifications...

I started by washing and drying the can and lid. I unrolled the cardboard at the top of the can,

Then I cut 2, 2 inch sections off a paper towel roll. You could also use a toilet paper roll, but the paper towel ones are usually thicker.

I made one cut in each of the paper towel roll sections to make it lay flat and then taped each section onto the top of the can...

I folded over the top of the cardboard and taped it down to give the lid a little better grip when it's on the can. I went a little tape crazy, but I wanted to make sure the top of the can was nice and sturdy...

This is what the can looks like after the paper towel roll sections are taped down...

I used some paper from American Crafts Blue Skies Collection to cover the can and I used Aleene's Tacky Glue to attach the paper to the can, but you could probably use a glue gun or any other sturdy glue. If you roll the paper before hand, it will have a nice curve to it that makes it easier to attach to the can.

You will probably have just a little bit of overhang on the top of the container. I folded this over and taped it to the inside of the can and then I glued a piece of scrap paper into the inside to cover up all the tape.

Cut a piece of ribbon 8-10 inches long and attach to the can using a stapler. To reinforce the ribbon, I used two staples criss-crossed over each other and then I added a couple stickers to hide the staples.

Pop on the lid when your done and this makes a great little storage container for your borders that's pretty enough to hang up and easy to grab for scrapbooking on-the-go.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Fool's Dinner

Ever have the feeling that you've been without adult interaction for a little too long...I did after making this April Fool's Day Dinner! Nothing like pink mashed potatoes to make you realize you need a night out with your friends!

I am some what of a freak when it comes to holidays. I love decorating and celebrating no matter what it is! So why not make a special dinner for April Fool's Day? What says 'April Fools!" better than meatloaf cupcakes with pink mashed potato 'frosting' and pound cake 'french fries'.

(The pink stuff in the glass container is strawberry whipped topping. The plan was to make it red to look like ketchup, but I didn't have enough red gel coloring)

Even funny bun liked the pink potatoes!