Friday, April 2, 2010

A Fool's Dinner

Ever have the feeling that you've been without adult interaction for a little too long...I did after making this April Fool's Day Dinner! Nothing like pink mashed potatoes to make you realize you need a night out with your friends!

I am some what of a freak when it comes to holidays. I love decorating and celebrating no matter what it is! So why not make a special dinner for April Fool's Day? What says 'April Fools!" better than meatloaf cupcakes with pink mashed potato 'frosting' and pound cake 'french fries'.

(The pink stuff in the glass container is strawberry whipped topping. The plan was to make it red to look like ketchup, but I didn't have enough red gel coloring)

Even funny bun liked the pink potatoes!


  1. Can I just say again that I think you are amazing! Really you are. Dang I wish we lived closer to each other I would have been there for April Fools dinner.

  2. You are just too sweet!!! When hubby came home he seriously thought we were having cupcakes for supper!!