Friday, December 31, 2010


My wonderful husband gave me a laptop for my Christmas present so I've been spending some time transfering files and pictures from our old computer.This morning, I came across some pictures that I haven't seen in years.

Back in October 2005, the hubs and I were still newlyweds. We had just been married that June, so we were only 4 months into marital bliss. Both of us had given little thought to the future, we were having to much fun living in the now, in our own little world. 

On October 4th, 2005, that world almost crumbled down around me. Hubs was helping out another farmer by driving a grain truck for him. Long story short, the truck ended up down a 30 foot drop into a canyon and rolled 2 and a half times. I don't even want to think how long my husband would've been down there if someone hadn't noticed the smoke from the highway.

Amazingly, he only ended up with a concussion, a broken wrist, and 20 some stitches in his head and leg. This was one of those extremely rare times when it was a good thing that he wasn't wearing his seat belt. If he had, he would've been crushed. With that said, he was also very lucky that he wasn't thrown from the truck. The thought that I could've been a widow with just a small chance of fate still sends chills up my spine.

I hope that our marriage would be just as healthy if my husband hadn't been in that accident, but I honestly believe that our marriage is so strong because it's so easy for us to think about what might've been. Sure, we don't always agree and we argue about some really stupid, and not so stupid, things and we've gone to bed angry many times. But, even in the most stressful times, we say "I love you" to each other many times a day and we are so extremely grateful for the life we have. If I ever need a reminder of why I should be thankful, I just need to look back at these pictures.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Goals

While I'm not a fan of typical New Year's Resolutions, I do like to set goals for myself. Of course, just like most New Year's Resolutions, I don't always complete my goals. I'm hoping that by blogging about them this year, I will feel more accountable to actually follow through.

Goal #1: Take Control of our Finances~ While the Hubs and I do an okay job of living within our means and not depending too much on credit, we could still do much, much better. With the farm and now my Country Drawers store, we need to cut back on all of our 'miscellaneous' spending. You know, the $5 here for a pop and snacks and the $10 there for one more piece of crap junk item that we don't need.

I downloaded Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book for the Kindle app I have on my computer and we're going to try following that. We do need to tweak a couple of the steps to fit in with our businesses, but it looks completely doable.

Goal #2: Live Healthier ~ As far as I'm concerned, diet is a four letter word. Plus, I think I set myself up for failure once that word leaves my mouth. So, I am saying I need to eat healthier and exercise. No dieting for this family! Little man is sometimes the only one in our house that actually eats healthy. Hubs and I have a bad habit of grabbing some quick, processed food instead of actually sitting down and eating healthy meals. I really need to get back on the treadmill again too.

Goal #3: Get Organized ~Oy! This is a biggie for me. I've tried for years to get my act together. When I worked outside of home, I had no problem keeping my workspace organized at my job. At the end of the day, everything would be in its place and I would come in the morning to a neat and well-organized desk. Home was a different story. On the outside, I may look organized. Just don't take a look in my kitchen cupboards, closets, bedroom, or...God forbid...go in the basement.

Besides needing to be more physically organized, I also need to work on my time management. I am a terrible time waster. I have such a hard time focusing on one thing at a time that I just end up getting overwhelmed and end up doing some unnecessary time wasting, like watching TV or checking out Facebook.

Goal #4: Reconnect with Friends~ I used to be a pretty social person. I'd go out with friends at least once a week and you could always find me on the phone. When I got pregnant with little man, I felt so sick that I just didn't feel like hanging out and then towards the end of my pregnancy, I was just too tired. Then, of course, I was in new mom bliss once little man was born and wanted to spend all of my time with him.
Once I went back to work, I just didn't have time for friends between taking care of a little baby, working, and taking care of the house stuff. Then little man had some health issues and we just weren't able to leave the house for fear of him catching some virus or cold and making his health worse. The fact that we live in the middle of nowhere just made us even more isolated. Sure, little man got better, but by that time I was in full on WAHM mode and I had no idea where to find the time.

This year, I am making the time. I miss my friends and I just don't think FB conversations constitute real connections with friends that only live a few miles away.

Well, there you have it. My goals for 2011. Throughout the year, I will be revisiting them from time to time with progress reports.

What are your goals for 2011?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

What I Learned in 2010...

  • There are no vacation days or sick leave for WAHMs...
  • When working from home, you will be on call 24/7. Whether it's your business or your family, you will be needed at all times of the day and you must set priorities...
  • I don't have to do it all...
  • It's a wonderful feeling to take a break from working because your child wants you to read a book to him...
  • Sesame Street is a sanity saver. Letting my child watch a little bit of TV every day will not turn his brain into mush...
  • No matter what all those organizing experts say, there is no way I can get up at 5-6am everyday, take a shower, exercise, do some cleaning, and have breakfast ready before my child wakes up in the morning...
  • It's okay to stay in my yoga pants/sweats until the afternoon every once in a while. There are some days I'm lucky that I get to brush my teeth, let alone take an actual shower...
  • It will be many, many years before our house is completely clean again...
  • I need to spend more time with my friends...
  • Facebook and technology can be addicting and there is nothing wrong with going 'off the grid' every now and then. Life will go on even if you can't update your status...
  • Sometimes, caffeine and chocolate really do make everything better...
  • Those developmental milestone charts are not all they're cracked up to be. Every child develops differently...
  • The best conversations are those had with a toddler...
  • Everyday really is a blessing...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Facebook Updated Their Rules Again

Ugh! Facebook went and updated their promotions guidelines again!

You still can't hold a giveaway on Facebook, unless you use an application on one of your tabs. Not such a big deal, but I've looked through the applications and I've never found one I liked or one that I thought the fans would like. Most of them have been too complicated.

Of course, you can still hold giveaways on your blogs and you can promote those giveaways on Facebook. I've been thinking that you could probably also use Google Docs Forms, even for flash giveaways. You'd just have to post the link on your FB page.

You CAN require people to like your FB page for an entry, but you CAN'T have a giveaway where people are automatically entered when they like your page. I'm assuming this means you can't say at 1000 likes, you'll give away something to a randomly drawn fan. But, you can post a blog giveaway when you reach 1000 likes and have people fill out an entry form.

You CAN'T notify winners on FB. This means, you can't contact the winners with FB messages, chats or posts on profiles or pages. This is why I've started asking for email addresses on our entry forms.

While you can require people to like your FB page to be entered in a contest, you CAN'T require them to take any other action on FB - like post on a profile, like a status or photo, upload a photo, or comment on a wall. For example, you can't have people get an extra entry by liking a certain photo. This could also cause problems for flash giveaways where fans are asked to comment on walls. I actually have a giveaway going on right now that requires entrants to post on a FB wall. So, it looks like I'll be changing my giveaway guidelines...again.

Of course, I'm not a lawyer, but this is my interpretation of the updated guidelines. I have heard of FB contacting page admins and even shutting down pages because they weren't following the guidelines. I've bent the rules plenty of times and haven't had an issue yet, but I suppose this would be a good time to start being a little more cautious.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

**CLOSED** Surprise Giveaway - Back to Basics Toys

The winner is...

Jennifer B!!

As most of you know, the Cloth Chronicles blog and the I Heart Fluff Facebook page are pretty much non-paying jobs for me. :) Except for the small amount of income I get from the ad space and some free products for reviews, I mainly do this for fun. So, I'm always excited when my fans purchase products using my affiliate links for sites such as Eversave, Zulily, and Mamapedia. Besides you getting a good deal, I also get a little credit in my account.

Today, I want to give some of that back to you. So, I purchased a $40 gift voucher for Back to Basics Toys from Mamapedia a couple days ago to give to one of you!

Since I want one of my fans to win this, I am asking that you fan I Heart Fluff on Facebook and follow this blog. Just fill out the entry form below and you're done!

This giveaway will end on Thursday, Dec 9th and I'll pick a winner with on Friday, Dec. 10th.

**FYI, I have purchased from all of the sites mentioned in this post and I would recommend them to anyone!

WAHM Wednesday - Erin from Baby Frills

Tell us about your business:

Baby Frills is my WAHM business that sells everything cute, frilly and fun for infants and toddlers. Scruffle Legs are the signature of Baby Frills, but keep coming back as I expand to include other homemade and personalized items for my kids and yours! Watch for other customs to become available at!

What makes your business fabulous?

When my fourth was born, I decided to be wild and cloth diaper. What has made it easier is leg warmers. I didn't have enough money to spring for a bunch of top name leg warmers, so I started making my own. And, I love them. So do my other kids and they have added their input too. I think that makes it original as my 5 year old daughter loves everything frilly.

One day she walked in to where I was sewing and asked if I was making more "scruffles." Of course she meant "ruffles" but the name was born!

White Rugby Striped Scruffle Leg Warmers

Why did you become a WAHM?

I love crafting. I still scrapbook, but that has gone digital so I felt I needed to do something else hands on. What better way to feed my urge to make, than to make for others!

Faux Fur Leg Warmers - How cute are these???

How do you find the time?

Good question! I find that time is a relative term these days. I have four kids aged 6 and under. I also homeschool the older two. Finding time for anything is hard, but MAKING time is a different matter. You need to MAKE time for the things that are a must in your life.

Any tips for other WAHMs?

Maybe one or two tips! Make sure you love what you do and that you are prepared to invest in an idea. It adds up!

LOVE the Owls!!!

Out of all the products you make/sell, which one is your favorite?

I love my Scruffle Leg and Onesie/Top combo. It is just so cute on the little ones and there are so many custom combinations.

Any specials or giveaways we should know about?

Baby Frills is now on Facebook! Watch for more information on giveaways in the near future.

**CLOSED** Olivia Place Giveaway

The Winner is....

Ambra W!

I first became aware of Oliva Place a few months ago and I've been hooked ever since! It's a family run company that was started by two sisters, Caroline and Deb, and their husbands. For you scrapbook enthusiasts, Caroline and Deb are also the brilliant minds behind Maya Road!

Olivia Place features daily deals starting at 9am CST for 30% to 80% off retail! Of course, my favorite deals have been the cloth diapers but they offer all sorts of products for children and moms.

Now, here's the really good part...Olivia Place is giving one of you a $15 gift certificate to their site!!! All you have to do is visit Olivia Place on Facebook and say I <3 (Heart) Fluff sent you! Seriously...that's all!  Well, and fill out the entry form below so I can contact the winner. :)

Giveaway ends Wednesday, December 8th and the winner will be randomly drawn the next day.

*I was in no way compensated for this - I just love Olivia Place. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Card Time + 50 Free Cards from Shutterfly

Every year I have big plans to make my own handmade Christmas cards and every year I make one or two and then get sidetracked with my crazy, everyday life. Then I end up scrambling to find store bought cards I like that don't cost a small fortune and trying to get them mailed before Christmas - usually on the 23rd, but I've been known to mail Christmas cards as late as New Year's. If I remember right, I didn't get any cards mailed last year.

I've decided to simplify things this year. While I love handmade items, I just don't have the time right now. Besides, this is what happens when I drag out my paper supplies...

Thankfully, there is Shutterfly! At Shutterfly, I can get cute, personalized and affordable cards starting at just 40 cents! Plus, they can even address and mail them for me. I wish I would've thought about this for little man's birthday! It would've been soooo much easier to order the birthday invites from Shutterfly!

I'm still trying to decide on which design I want to use - there are over 800 Christmas photocard designs! Besides the picture on top (notice the cupcake decorating supplies all over the floor) here are some of my favorites...

I love the fact that you can add some family updates to these cards:

I've really been feelin' the retro vibe this year so these cards would be perfect:
I'm also considering picking up a few calenders as gifts. Not only can I add our own photos, I can also add personalized dates for our family's special occasions!
Shutterfly has so many designs available that there really is something for everyone and in everyone's price range. To make things even more fabulous, Shutterfly is offering us bloggers 50 free cards! Yep, you have to have a blog, sorry! :(
To get in on this deal, just fill out the form here: Don't wait too long! The registration ends December 10.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Busiest shopping day of the year, but I'm keeping my tushie inside where it's warm and my coffee cup stays full. :) Why would I want to leave these comforts and brave the crazy crowds when there are so many good deals I can get online?

  • FREE Shipping today through Cyber Monday!
  • FREE Shipping on every order!
  • Every order over $50 will be entereed into the "Golden Turkey" contest! Prizes include:

    ** Amazon Kindle
    ** Sakura Bloom Essential Silk Ring Sling
    ** IPOD Shuffle with $50 ITunes Gift Card
  • Every order over $100 will also receive a free gift (value of $10.95 or more) with their order!
  • All accessories, doublers and liners are 10% off

    AND MUCH MORE!!! Use code BLACKFRIDAY10 to receive all the awesome deals!!!
  • Rockin Green: Secret Scent will be available. Limit 1 per customer
  • Purchase Lulu's in the Fluff or Charlie's Laundry soap and receive a free wooden laundry scoop (not the same as the ones for purchase)
  • Purchase a combination TummyTub and stool, and receive a free Natural Sea Sponge
  • Wooltopia Dryer Balls: Unscented and scented --$5 each.
  • Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls: Available in Christmas scents
  • With a Bravado Bra/Tank purchase, receive a free pack of Bravado Bikini Panties
  • With the purchase of a Flip Day Pack, receive a free bumGenius Odor Remover Spray
  • With the purchase of 5 Doopsy Diapers, receive 1 free.
  • With the purchase of 2 Doopsy Diapers, receive 1 free DOOPSY™ "All in One Insert" with PUL + 4 Layers of Bamboo Double Loop Terry
  • With any EcoNuts Purchase, receive a free EcoNuts Vegan Lip Balm
  • With the purchase of a Planet Wise wipe pouch with flannel wipes, receive a free pack of Honey Chunks
  • With the purchase of 3 Fuzzi Bunz Diapers, receive a free SwaddleEzee Blanket
  • With the purchase of a Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, receive a free pair of Milk Diapers cotton nursing pads
  • With any $100 purchase, receive a free $15 gift certificate/coupon.
  • Many items are also on sale!

    ***Free items will not show up in shopping cart, but will be confirmed via email. In "remarks" section of order, specify color/size/type, etc., if necessary for free item. All free items are subject to availability of stock and only available while supplies last. For the $15 gift certificate/coupon, purchase must be $100 after all discounts taken.

Butzie Covers

  • UT & Titans diapers $20 (regularly $30)
  • Organic Bib & Burp Cloth Sets $3.50 (regularly $5.50)
  • Milk Bath $6.50 (regularly $10.99)
  • Bath Salts $7.49 (regularly $9.49)
  • Oatmeal Bath $2.75 (regularly $5.50)
  • Natural Soaps $3 (regularly $5.50)
  • Heiny Huggers fitted $7 (regularly $10.50)
  • Happy Hempys fitted $14 regularly $16.00)
  • Bumkins AIO $14.00 (regularly $25.95)
  • Advocacy T-Shirts $4 (regularly $7.50)
  • Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size $10.95 (regularly $17.95)
  • Fuzzi Bunz One Size $13.95 (regularly $19.95)
  • Little G wipes $3.35 (regularly $3.99)
  • KaWaii One Size Diapers $8 (regularly $12)
  • Bum Wraps $5 (regularly $8.50)
  • Momma Pads Buy 2 get one FREE
  • Nursing pads 2 sets/ $2.50 (regularly $2/set)

Sweet Lil Dimples

Kae's Kloset

Urban Sprout Baby Boutique
  • All in stock items up to 45% off! (Black Friday - Cyber Monday)

StuckOnARock Bowtique
  • All instock is 35% off, customs are 20% and military discount still applies.

  • Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Diapeze or Traineze  OR
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off all EZ Products
  • HUGE 2000 Fan Celebration is going on right now!

  • Free Shipping on all orders over $35.00
  • Free Ouchie Pad with any set of 6 or more
  • Free Wet Bag with any set of 8 or more
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off on all Singles
Baby Frills
  • Buy One set of Leg Warmers and get a Second Set of Leg Warmers (of equal or lesser value) HALF PRICE!
  • FREE Embroidery on any Applique Tee!

Make sure to visit us on Facebook for even more Black Friday Sales!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Can You Un-Naturally Cut Fries?

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this in my email. Wendy' is unveiling their new Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt.

My family does eat fast food every once in a while, but I understand that what I'm eating is not healthy. I also understand that these fries probably won't be much healthier than Wendy's other fries. Unfortunately, there are many people who will see "Natural" on the label and think, "Hey, that must be good for me."

The only thing I can see that makes these fries "Natural" is the fact that there is still a smidgen of potato peels left on them. I'm not sure if that's healthier or not considering the chemicals and fertilizers used on potato fields?

As for the sea salt, there's no real difference in the chemical makeup between sea salt and regular table salt. Table salt tends to be processed more heavily than sea salt, but they both have around the same sodium content.

I haven't tried these fries yet, but I'm sure I will someday. The big thing to remember is everything in moderation. Just because "Natural" is on the label doesn't mean it's good for you.


I just did a quick search on Wendy's Fries and I can't find anywhere that says their original fries are made out of anything other than potatoes, and the normal additives to keep them fresh and protect colors. Here's the nutrition info that I found on Wendy's site:
Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (contains one or more of the following: soy oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil), Dextrose, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate (to protect natural color). Cooked in Soy, Corn, Cottonseed, & Hydrogenated Soy Oil. Cooked in the same oil as menu items that contain Wheat, Egg, Milk, and Fish (where available). Seasoned with Salt.

Today's Daily Deals 11/22

 Zulily has added 9 new deals today with savings of up to 65% off! Plus, you can still purchase from 23 other active deals!
~Box Creations - only $19.99 (50% off). 
~Petit Ami - up to 50%off
~Koko and Me & Ko - up to 50% off - up to 40% off
~Huddy Buddy - up to 50% off
~Pura Bottles
~Teaposey - up to 60% off
~Paramour - up to 40% off
~Crocs - up to 65% off. I've been looking for some shoes to wear around the house and for quick outside trips and I think these would be perfect:


Eversave has a hot deal today - and only in limited quantities!

$25 for $50 worth of all-natural food, home goods, beauty essentials and gifts from

This store carries everything from natural cold remedies to pancake mix! I purchased two of these vouchers and I'm sure I'll be shopping at this store long after I've used my savings.


Get 25% off your order when you use the code "FAMILY" at checkout.


Plum District's deal for today is $25 for $50 worth of merchandise from Hello Hanna.


Haute Look has a bunch of deals listed but the one I'm really excited about is the Classic Gifts For Kids. You'll find ImagiPlay, Green Toys and many other great brands in this category.

The Husband Project: Project 16

Let Him Know You Think He's Hot

Today's project is to let your husband know that you're attracted to him physically. Just like us, our husbands want to know that we find them desirable and attractive. As Kathi says, "This is the project to remind him that he still 'does it' for you."

Think about what attracted you to your husband in the first place. Not just his sense of humor or good heart, what physically attracted you to him? The first thing I noticed was my husband's ice blue eyes and his strong arms. Of course, he still has those penetrating blue eyes and his arms are just as strong but what I usually notice these days is when he doesn't see the grocery list I give him or doesn't use those arms to take out the trash.

Today, I'm going to put on those rose colored glasses again and see all the qualities that make my husband sexy. I'm going to do a little flirting and let him know he still sweeps me off my feet.

Tomorrow's project is to give your husband some time off.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today's Daily Deals 11/21

I love this time of year! Sooooo many great deals!

Amazon's Deal of the Day is 57% off the Christmas Classics which include Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. Make sure to check out their Lightning Deals too. Right now you can buy Pixelmator image editing software for Mac for only $11.99. That's 80% off!!

I also noticed that Amazon has a new Amazon Mom program. It sounds like a good deal, but I wish they'd discount more baby products other than just disposable diapers and wipes.


Zulily added 5 more deals today:
~Under the Nile - up to 70% off
~Penelope Peapod - up to 40% off
~pur cashmere - up to 60% off
~Laura Ashley - 50% off
~Zubels - up to 45% off

You can still get in on the Charlie Banana Diapers & Wipes deal for up to 35% savings!


The Mini Social has 11 different deals going on right now, including some very cute hats and sweaters from Yellow Label Kids for over half off!

I'm not sure how many of you are near a Pamida, but they are having TRIPLE coupons today and tomorrow. They will triple any manufacturer's coupons up to $1.00!! I'll be heading to our Pamida tomorrow.


The Husband Project: Project 15

What Not to Wear
Pitching the Pajama Pants

Today's project is to get rid of one item of clothing you know your husband is not in love with. You know the one - those old sweats, the raggedy slippers, or that over-sized sweatshirt. Your husband might not even notice that you've gotten rid of it. But, I can almost guarantee that he's noticed every time you've worn it.

Kathi compiled a list of ten items that should never be worn around your husband:
  1. Team Jerseys (I don't completely agree with this one. I'm not a big football fan, but hubby always comments when I wear a Husker item)
  2. Overalls (I had to LOL at this one because Kathi put in parentheses 'unless you both work on a farm'. So, I guess that means I can get away with this.)
  3. Running shoes for anything other than running (I'm not sure if this counts, but I wear tennis shoes all the time!)
  4. Mom jeans
  5. Any sweater with a Christmas tree or pumpkin on it.
  6. Long floral dresses that tie in the back. They make your figure look dumpy.
  7. Acid-washed anything.
  8. Underwear that has any form of safety pin attached to it.
  9. Nursing bras. (While I was nursing, I wore these all the time. Thankfully, you can now find really nice looking nursing bras. But, if you're not nursing and still wearing these, I say it's time to get rid of them or box them up.)
  10. Anything that an ex-boyfriend has ever given you.
This project could not have been more perfect for me. I have the most god awful gaucho pants that are made of this weird black slinky material and are about two sizes too big for me. I even think they're ugly and would never wear them in public - long story behind why I bought them. But, that didn't stop me from changing into them at night, even when my husband made a comment every time I wore them. Those will be getting thrown out today.

Do you have a piece of clothing that your hubby absolutely does not like? Will you be parting with it today?

Tomorrow's project is to let your husband know that you're attracted to him physically.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today's Daily Deals

My favorite deal for today is the Charlie Banana Diapers over at! You can save up to 35% off! Read my review of Charlie Banana Diapers here:

Zulily has about 25 other brands of products right now with savings up to 65%, including some educational books, toys, dresses for mom, and some super cute nursing outfits!! This is definitely a good time to get some Christmas shopping done.

Over at Eversave, you can get $50 in book rentals from for only $21! There's still time to take advantage of the $50 worth of eco friendly handbags for only $22.

My Type A personality is loving the deal over at Mamapedia - $15 for $30 worth of merchandise from The Organized Parent. I already bought 2 vouchers!

As usual, Target has a few good deals today:
Foodsaver Food Sealer Vacuum for $94.50
Coby Flash Memory Camcorder for $45.00
and Thomas the Train Cool Mist Humidifier for $24.99 has all vinyl fabric at 15% off. This includes PUL! Check out the Michael Miller Laminated Cotton if your looking into making some kid friendly products. A lot of laminated cotton, oilcloth, and vinyl are NOT lead or pthalate free, but these are CPSIA compliant.

The Husband Project: Bonus Project 2

Lingerie Shopping, a Gift for Both of You

Your Bonus Project for this week is to buy a piece of lingerie that both you and your husband will love--then put it to good use.

Does the thought of wearing some skimpy lingerie make you squirm? Here's the thing, if you're not comfortable in it, then it's not much use to either one of you. You don't have to look like a Victoria's Secret model but I'm sure you could find something sexier than those sweatpants you've been wearing to bed.

Kathi lists the basics that every woman should have in her lingerie wardrobe:
  • Silky pajamas - These don't have to show a lot of skin, but you can wear each piece separately (the bottoms with a silky camisole, the top all by itself).
  • Silky camisole and boy shorts - You can mix and match these with your pajamas or wear them together.
  • Kimono - This looks great on everyone and still covers enough. Plus, you're husband will be busy imagining what's underneath!
  • Lacy bra and matching underwear - This is one I need to work on. I'm pretty sure I haven't had a cute matching set since we were first married.
  • You can also add some optional items to make things a little more fun like some fabulous heels, a teddy, and a boa.
For tonight, and preferably most nights, wear something sexy to sleep in and get rid of that old t-shirt or sweats. If you're wearing one of his old shirts that he doesn't want to wear anymore, than he probably doesn't want to see it on you either. :)

If you're not too thrilled about this project, there's an article titled "The Real Woman's Guide to Lingerie Shopping" in the back of The Husband Project that you should really check out.

The Husband Project: Project 14

Cook Something for Your Husband

Today's project is to make your husband something special in the kitchen.

Let's face it - Men like it when we cook for them. I'm not sure if it's something that their genetically predisposed to or if they are just falling into the gender stereotypes. Speaking for myself, I love cooking and I would just rather cook my own food. Now, if someone else wanted to do the dishes, I'd be fine with that.

Hubby on the other hand...he would much rather have me cook for him. Don't get me wrong, he does his fair share of cooking but he always enjoys the food more when I cook.

Maybe you don't like cooking or you just don't have much time with everything else you're doing. That's fine. There are some great recipes that you can make ahead of time. Just freeze them and then pop them in the oven later on. Do a google search for meals under 30 minutes and you'll find a bunch of options.

Don't forget about your slow cooker. That can be a busy mom's best friend.  We probably use our slow cooker 3-4 times a week because it's so easy. My absolute favorite place to find slow cooker recipes is at A Year of Slow Cooking.

If you are already a fabulous cook, never underestimate the appeal of 'guy food' - Sloppy Joes, chicken wings, hot dogs, fries... My husband's favorite meal is hamburger and fries and as far as he's concerned, I don't make that nearly enough. So, I'll usually make a juicy burger and crispy fries once a week. I do make it a little bit healthier by using beef for the cattle we raise and I make the fries out of russet potatoes and bake them instead of frying.

What's your husband's favorite food, or type of food? Do you think you could start making that once a week?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Eco Compare - A New Blog Series

Ever since we started using cloth diapers, I've been trying to make greener choices in other areas of our home, but it hasn't been going so well. I've really been holding onto some of my very non environmentally safe products just because I didn't think there was a green version that could match it. So, I've decided to bring you along on my journey to compare eco friendly products with their ungreen counterparts. Since I also love being frugal, I'm going to try to *safely* make homemade versions of the products too. I'll be comparing everything from makeup and deodorants to degreasers and shower cleaners. 

I placed my order at (a fantastic site!) and already received my box full of green products. I bought some toilet bowl cleaner, degreaser, bathroom cleaner, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, and even some plastic bags that are eco friendly. I'll start my first post in December comparing the toilet bowl cleaner to the products we already use. Definitely not glamorous, but I'm sure our holiday guests will appreciate a clean toilet. :)

Are there any products that you've been afraid to give up for a greener version? Let me know and I'll put them to the test.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*CLOSED* HootHootBaby OS Diaper Review & Giveaway

The winner is...

Wendy F. who chose the Blue Dot Minky!!!

 I have this little obsession with owls. I think it began with a stamp I got in a scrapbook kit and I've been hooked ever since. C'mon, they're cute! :) So, of course I was intrigued when I heard about HootHootBaby. I became even more curious when I found out they were from our neighbor state of Kansas. But once I saw their owl fabric, I was hooked!

There was no way I could resist reviewing a diaper like this! Of course, as my husband says, it doesn't matter how cute I think a diaper is if it won't hold poop! Such a wise man!! Luckily, this diaper works as good as it looks. 

When I first got our HootHootBaby fitted diaper, I was immediately impressed with the materials used. With it's Organic Bamboo Fleece and Organic Cotton Velour, it's one of those diapers that you'll rub against your cheek. Any of you CDing mamas know what I mean! When you use both soakers, there is a total of 8 layers of absorbent material! If all that isn't enough for your heavy wetter, just let Libby know and she can add another soaker to your order. 
Inside of the diaper
 My husband put this diaper on little man one morning thinking it was one of our AIO or pocket diapers. I didn't know until I took little man's pants off to change him a couple hours later. I was amazed that his diaper was only slightly damp on the outside. If he'd been running around without his pants compressing the diaper, it probably would've still felt dry on the outside.

You get 2 soakers with your diaper
Another great thing about the HootHootBaby OS diaper is that it truly is a One Size Diaper. Most of our other OS diapers, especially our fitteds, fit our 17 month old son great around the waist still, but their rise is too low so they don't provide the best coverage anymore. Libby had told me that she was sure the rise of the HootHootBaby diaper would fit our son and she was right. I really believe that this diaper will last us through potty training. 
Soakers snap together
The diaper features cross over flaps that will fit a wide range of sizes, from itty bitty babies to chubby toddlers. As with any one size, it might be slightly bulky on an eight pound baby but with diapers this cute, I say put some babylegs on the little one and call it good. HootHootBaby does make a Newborn diaper that will fit babies 6.5 to 14 lbs. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying some of those whenever we have our next baby!
On the smallest settings
I wanted to get some thigh, waist, and rise measurements of our HootHootBaby diaper for this review, but my son took off with my tape measure and I still haven't found it. I promise I'll post some measurements as soon as I get another tape. :)

All in all, I'd say this is a pretty fantastic diaper. If you're having issues with nighttime leaks, I'd definitely suggest trying out a HootHootBaby OS with a wool cover. It also makes a fantastic daytime diaper that could easily be worn up to a couple hours without a cover. The OS diapers cost $20 but for the amount of time your child will be able to wear this diaper, it is completely worth the investment.

Want to get your own HootHootBaby diaper? Visit their website where you can also find Ring Slings and Training Pants. During the month of November, if you spend $45, you'll get 10% off your order. Spend $65, you'll get 15% off your order plus a free doubler. Every order comes with a free wipe and a 2 load sample of Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Detergent!
Training Pants
Want to win a custom OS HootHootBaby Diaper? Just like HootHootBaby on Facebook then pick out your favorite HootHootBaby fabric at this link:
Fill out the form below, and you're done!
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This giveaway will end Tuesday, November 23rd at 11:59pm CST and the winner will be selected the following day. Good Luck!!!  

*CLOSED* Jodys Designs Review & Giveaway

The Winner is...

Ronnette C!!

Since my main focus is, obviously, on cloth diapers, I don't often get the chance to review non fluff items like toys. So when Jody from Jody's Designs contacted me, I jumped at the chance to try out some of her absolutely fabulous and super cute items!

Imagine my excitement when I opened up my mail and these were waiting for me...

These doughnuts are the perfect size for my little man's hands and are made with acrylic yarn so they're machine washable - a must have when those hands are sticky! The colors grabbed his attention and it wasn't long before he realized how fun these soft toys were to throw around. The doughnuts are small enough to carry in my purse and a great toy for little man to play with while we're at a restaurant or at church. 

Close up of our doughnuts. Unfortunately, little man has already moved the Strawberry doughnut to a place only he can find. :)

Besides these awesome doughnuts, Jody's Designs also includes dolls...

stuffed toys... 

and a variety of other play foods...

What I really love about Jody's toys is that they'll grow with your child. They are safe for babies, but still fun for older children to play with. Her toys are made with such quality that I know we'll be playing with these for years to come. 

Want to buy your own Jody's Designs toys? Visit the Jody's Designs Store. She has a few items available now, but will be stocking even more items on the 18th.

Want to win a pair of Chocolate and Vanilla doughnuts from Jody's Designs? It's super easy to enter! Just like Jody's Designs on Facebook, then fill out the form below and you're done! 
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Since I had some technical difficulties with my internet connection, I'm leaving the giveaway open until Tuesday, November 23rd at 11:59pm CST and the winner will be drawn the next day. Good luck!!