Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sleepy Time

Ever since I became pregnant and actually started really noticing all those cute baby items you could buy, I've seen those little door hangers for baby's room. They are pretty much do not disturb signs for your bundle of joy. One side lets you know when he is in peaceful slumber and the other lets you know when it's safe to come in. Of course they're cute, but I really never saw the point in having one...until I was going through my pics and found this one of Funny Bun sleeping...

Seriously! How cute is that?? And what better way to use this picture than to incorporate it into his own little sleepy time door hanger...

I did get a little sloppy with the outlining on the sleepy side (that's what happens when a 9 month old tries to help) so I might end up redoing it. Although...isn't the 'messiness' of our crafts what gives them character?


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