Friday, June 25, 2010

The Hunt for Wool

While I’ve loved cloth diapers from the start, it’s taken me a little while to come around to wool. I admit it, I was intimidated, but I’ve been dying to try some wool ever since I found Ewe Wool Love It on Facebook. Of course, I went a little crazy buying cloth diapers this week and since we’re actually trying to SAVE $$$ by using cloth, I decided I would get some wool sweaters and make my own. Yeah…good luck with that!

I already get enough crazy looks when people find out we use cloth diapers. Add that to looking for wool during a hot, muggy Nebraska summer and now I’m the crazy cloth lady! I did leave my name and number at the thrift store and they’re supposed to set aside any wool sweaters that come in. Now I just need to wait patiently. For those of you that make woolies out of sweaters, do you just stock up during the winter season?? If I don’t find some wool soon, I suppose I’ll just have to break down and buy an already made wool cover. That’ll just break my heart! *grin*


  1. Nifty Nappy makes wool covers to DIE FOR!!! I love them. She makes them out of upcycled wool sweaters. We'll be carrying them soon in the store!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our woolie wraps from Nifty Nappy! They're amazing, and awesome to use. We only use them at night just because DD is pretty much potty trained during the day.