Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Card Time + 50 Free Cards from Shutterfly

Every year I have big plans to make my own handmade Christmas cards and every year I make one or two and then get sidetracked with my crazy, everyday life. Then I end up scrambling to find store bought cards I like that don't cost a small fortune and trying to get them mailed before Christmas - usually on the 23rd, but I've been known to mail Christmas cards as late as New Year's. If I remember right, I didn't get any cards mailed last year.

I've decided to simplify things this year. While I love handmade items, I just don't have the time right now. Besides, this is what happens when I drag out my paper supplies...

Thankfully, there is Shutterfly! At Shutterfly, I can get cute, personalized and affordable cards starting at just 40 cents! Plus, they can even address and mail them for me. I wish I would've thought about this for little man's birthday! It would've been soooo much easier to order the birthday invites from Shutterfly!

I'm still trying to decide on which design I want to use - there are over 800 Christmas photocard designs! Besides the picture on top (notice the cupcake decorating supplies all over the floor) here are some of my favorites...

I love the fact that you can add some family updates to these cards:

I've really been feelin' the retro vibe this year so these cards would be perfect:
I'm also considering picking up a few calenders as gifts. Not only can I add our own photos, I can also add personalized dates for our family's special occasions!
Shutterfly has so many designs available that there really is something for everyone and in everyone's price range. To make things even more fabulous, Shutterfly is offering us bloggers 50 free cards! Yep, you have to have a blog, sorry! :(
To get in on this deal, just fill out the form here: Don't wait too long! The registration ends December 10.


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