Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Husband Project: Week One

Tomorrow is day one of The Husband Project. While I've already been incorporating some of the projects into our lives, tomorrow will be the first day that I actually have a plan for what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. Of course, I picked one of the most stressful times of the year for us - planting wheat and harvesting corn and soybeans. For those of you not living on a farm in the middle of nowhere, this is when the stress levels run high. It's a time of early mornings, late nights, and short tempers. There's only a certain amount of time to get these things done and you're at the mercy of mother nature. Everything's great when she cooperates, but that doesn't happen very often.

Now that I think about it, this is probably the perfect time to start The Husband Project. Most years I get extremely frustrated with my husband and I start feeling as though I'm in competition with the farm. Because of The Husband Project, I am able to remind myself that my husband isn't putting the business first, he is doing his best to provide for and take care of his family.

These are the projects for Week One:
Project 1 - 30 Minutes is All It Takes: Create some free time when he gets home.
Project 2 - Back in the Day: Do something he enjoyed before you got married.
Project 3 - You da' Man: Spreading great gossip about your guy.
Project 4 - Heart vs. Stomach: A treat just for him.
Project 5 - Text or email some sweet nothings.
Project 6 - A Little Hands-on Attention: Meeting your husband's physical (touch) needs.
Project 7 - Trophy Wife: Looking good for your man.

I be back tomorrow to post the very first project - 30 Minutes Is All It Takes.

Are  you planning on starting The Husband Project? Already started? Following along with me? I'd love to know.


  1. following along with you!lol

  2. oh my gosh! you know how hard it is to find fellow farmer's wives out there?!? (nevermind one with the same name!)

    as i sit here, my hubby is out combining canola... i was feeling sorry for myself earlier that we couldn't spend time together as a family today, but had to remind myself that he would rather have a day off too than have to get farm work done. thanks for the reminder... will be joining you in the "project"! :)

  3. LOL Tara - that's awesome!! I'm so glad you'll be joining us for the project! Seriously, hubby and I are both the least stressed we've been during harvest this year, and I know most of it is because of The Husband Project.

  4. Just found this and following along - wish I'd been in time for that giveaway! haha!! :) It is SO interesting... I am going to put the book on my wish list... would you care if I also blogged out it someday? I don't want to steal your thunder! :)

    jkrs01 at

  5. I'd love to see you blog about it! I actually found the book because of a reading list on someone else's blog. If you go to Kathi Lipp's website, there are some great resources for bloggers.