Friday, September 3, 2010

The Husband Project

To be totally honest, when I first heard of "The Husband Project", I thought it was a total crock. C'mon, don't I already do enough around here without having to change myself just to boost my hubby's ego? In my mind, this book was a manual on how to put women back in the 1950s.

Boy, was I wrong. I sat down this afternoon and read the entire book - in between diaper changes, kissing boo boos, and trying to keep dangerous objects out of my son's reach. I can already see how following the projects will not only benefit my husband, but myself as well. It also got me thinking that maybe...just maybe...I'm not the perfect wife. :) Why should I expect my husband to lavish me with compliments while I just remind him to take out the trash?

I've realized that I really don't take the time to let my husband know how much I appreciate everything he does for our family. He's made sacrifices too and he works extremely hard for all of us.

Here's a little excerpt from the first page of The Husband Project:

Why The Husband Project?

“Kathi, a couple of us need to quit the project.”
I couldn’t believe what Angela was saying. Quit the Husband Project? We’d just started that weekend.
“Ang, are you kidding me? Why do you want to quit already?” There was no way things could be going downhill so quickly.
“I was talking to some of the other girls, and because we’re being so nice, our husbands are becoming suspicious. They think we’re all having affairs!”
Apparently, there’s a bigger need for the Husband Project than even I could have expected.

Kathi Lipp adds plenty of wit and humor and gives advice on how to proceed with the projects without making you feel as if you've failed as a wife. She understands because she's actually been there.
I'll be starting The Husband Project very soon! If you'd like to join me, you can purchase The Husband Project at Amazon: and visit Kathi Lipp's webiste here:

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  1. Hey Tara -

    Thanks for sharing about the Husband Project Love - I must send you one of the "My Husband is a Hottie" bookmarks! please send me your mailing address. I would love to send you one - I will be following you as you do the projects!