Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WAHM Wednesday: Tasha from KAEL & KAED

Eliminating tacky baby accessories one baby at a time. Ha! That tagline alone makes me want to buy from KAEL&KAED trendy handmade (baby) things! You can get some super cute toy/sophie/sippy straps, paci/soother clips, and blanket clips to help keep those baby items within reach and not thrown a few yards out of the stroller! They've also recently developed an organic line of products made with 100% Organic fabric and 100% Organic thread.

You can find KAEL&KAED on Facebook or at their Etsy store.

Tasha, owner and brilliant mastermind behind KAEL&KAED was nice enough to sit down and answer a few questions for us...

Tell us about your business:

KAEL&KAED started June of this year. I've always been an ambitious crafty I decided to embark on a new journey..sewing. I had never really sewn before, but I thought I would give it a try. I was in love with sewing and, more importantly, fabric instantly!! I tried a couple ideas, then decided to sew something that I could use. I decided I would put an end to playing 52-pick-up with my toddler's sippy cups and toys, especially since we just had our 2nd boy this past sippy/toy/snack leashes it was!! I then decided binki clips and blanket/nursing clips would be a good match! Watch out for some new products coming soon...I've got some great ideas in the works :) !!

What makes your business fabulous?
The ability to customize your sippy leash, binki clip or blanket/nursing clips with the fabric of your choice as well as the matching snap color!! And, well, all of the awesome fabric choices (I like to think I have good taste :))!!

Why did you become a WAHM?
I just wanted to find a hobby that could bring in a lil extra dough...and have fun doing it...know what I mean? Being creative is so much boys motivate me to think of new ideas everyday!!

How do you find the time?
Well, as most of you know, "me time" is really hard to come by for anyone let alone moms. I love working on KAEL& KAED every second I can find, which some days is some, but most of the time not so much. As much as I love sewing and creating, being a mom comes first!!

Any tips for other WAHMs?
Love what you create and be as creative as you can. From your ideas to your final packaging, the love and dedication you put into your products will definitely show!

Out of all the products you make, which one is your favorite?
I would have to say the sippy/toy leashes are my all-time fav!!! They definitely come in handy, especially when out in the stroller! They've been our best seller so far! Who doesn't want to stop playing fetch with their babies????

Any specials or giveaways we should know about?
We have 2 reviews/giveaways going on right now... until september 20, 2010
& until september 13, 2010

Big thanks to Tasha for being our featured WAHM this Wednesday. Tasha, whenever you get a chance, feel free to grab out WAHM Wednesday button for your blog or website!

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