Sunday, August 22, 2010

ButterBears Diaper Review

Okay, I admit it...cloth diapers make me giddy. Especially cloth diapers that are completely unique and adorable! I fell in love with ButterBears diapers when I first saw pictures on their website. They make tie-dye cloth diapers!!! Complete awesomeness!!

About the Diaper
ButterBears diapers are one-size pocket diapers. They come with a newborn insert and a regular insert and feature hip snaps for a better fit. No two tie-dye diapers are exactly alike!

First Impressions
I loved the colors of the diaper as soon as I opened up the package. The lining is suedecloth, which is nice and soft. I noticed the diaper seemed a little wider around the leg openings than some of our other diapers and I really liked that. Some of our diapers with a narrower crotch just don't give enough coverage for little man. More than once, he's ended up with a butt cheek hanging out! :) 

Daytime Use
This is a great daytime diaper, especially if you have a typical toddler that is constantly on the go. The ButterBears diaper really keeps everything in and moves with the body so there's no shifting or creeping of the diaper while little man is climbing and crawling on top of everything.

Nighttime Use
The night that little man wore his ButterBears diaper was one of those nights when he woke up almost every couple hours - thank you molars! So, we haven't actually tried it out for a full night yet, but it was on him for about 6 hours and we had no problems. I did use both the regular insert and the newborn insert for some extra absorbency. We've been having some problems with heat rashes from moisture sitting on his bum with some of our diapers, but the ButterBears diaper did a really good job of wicking the moisture away from his skin.

Final Verdict
The ButterBears diaper gets major cuteness points and it's also a very well made diaper! The snap sizing seems like it would fit a wide range of sizes and I love the fact that there are hip snaps to help hold the flaps down. It works great as a day or nighttime diaper and works wonderfully at wicking the moisture away from the skin while still keeping everything in. I wish I would've found out about these diapers sooner and I will definitely be adding more to our stash!

You can go buy your own ButterBears Tie-Dye Diaper at Stay updated on everything ButterBears by visiting their Facebook page.

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  1. Tara, I want one of these diapers SOOOO bad! This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love to put my babies in funky tie-dye or rock n' roll-ish clothing! I definitely MUST buy one of these!