Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Comfort Review

Out of all the diaper fabrics we've used, I have to say that my absolute favorite is bamboo. Bamboo velour, bamboo jersey, bamboo terry...anything bamboo. So, I was thrilled to get my hands on a Little Comfort Trial Pack from Zabi Baby, which includes one Little Comfort one size fitted diaper with 2 boosters, 1 Little Comfort cover, and 2 disposable liners.
Little Comfort Trial Pack

About the Diaper
Fabric: 90 % Bamboo Terry / 10% Polyester

Made in Ireland.

"This One Size nappy fits from Birth to Potty. It contains 2 boosters, both a size 1 and size 2. When both boosters are snapped together it is suitable for night and very heavy wetting babies. One of the most absorbent and versatile nappies on the market. Extenders are available for babies that need those extra few inches around the waist. This nappy when used with extenders is larger than our regular Size 2 nappy.

The polyester element of the nappy allows the nappy to dry quicker than 100% bamboo fabrics."

Little Comfort fitted diaper, cover, and two boosters

First Impressions
I really like the packaging, both from a retailer and a consumer stand point. It's really nice to be able to get a set that includes both the diaper and the cover. One purchase and you're done. This is especially great if you're new to fitted diapers, or to the world of cloth all together.

The Little Comfort cover is your standard diaper cover made out of PUL. They were originally only available in solid, neutral colors, but they've recently added some adorable prints.

Little Comfort Fitted Diaper

I was amazed by how soft the Little Comfort fitted diaper was. It's one of those diapers that you can't stop rubbing against your cheek. You other CDing mamas know what I'm talking about!! :)

Attaching boosters to the diaper

Daytime Use
As soon as I had the diaper prepped, I put it on little man, using only one of the boosters. He had it on for a little over an hour before I put the diaper cover on him and the outside of the Little Comfort fitted was still dry. I would've left the cover off longer, but we had to head to the grocery store. Some fitted diapers are kind of bulky so it's hard to get little man's pants on over the diaper and cover, but the Little Comfort diapers are surprisingly trim when you use them with the Little Comfort diaper cover.

Wearing only the fitted diaper

I don't know if this is just a trait that my child has, but I swear it's like he has to break in new diapers and he poops in them the very first time he wears them! Every single one!! The good news is that we usually learn pretty quickly if we'll have any issues with blowouts. Of course, the Little Comfort diaper kept everything in. We used the diaper and cover a few more times since then and we still haven't had any issues with leaks or anything else getting out of the diaper.

Wearing only the fitted diaper

Nighttime Use
You know that the real diaper test doesn't happen until bedtime. Not all diapers pass this test, especially when they're worn by a super soaker like my son! I put the Little Comfort fitted diaper, with both boosters, and the Little Comfort diaper cover on him around 8pm and he slept in it until around 6am the next morning. The diaper worked wonderfully! Little man was definitely wet when he woke up, but there were no leaks and his little bum wasn't red at all, so the diaper did a really good job of absorbing the wetness without the wetness really sitting against his skin.

Pairing the fitted diaper with the cover really gives it a trim fit

Final Verdict
All in all, I think this is a fantastic diaper. The fitted diaper has stayed super soft through line drying and machine drying. We had no leaks, no blowouts, and little man seemed really comfortable in it. If I changed anything, I might make the laundry tabs on the cover just a tad bit longer so the velcro would stick a little better. Although, I really didn't have any more of a problem with the diaper chains with this cover than I do with any of my others.

I would definitely buy more of these diapers and I'm really hoping to get one of the diaper covers with those super cute prints.

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