Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Husband Project: Bonus Project 2

Lingerie Shopping, a Gift for Both of You

Your Bonus Project for this week is to buy a piece of lingerie that both you and your husband will love--then put it to good use.

Does the thought of wearing some skimpy lingerie make you squirm? Here's the thing, if you're not comfortable in it, then it's not much use to either one of you. You don't have to look like a Victoria's Secret model but I'm sure you could find something sexier than those sweatpants you've been wearing to bed.

Kathi lists the basics that every woman should have in her lingerie wardrobe:
  • Silky pajamas - These don't have to show a lot of skin, but you can wear each piece separately (the bottoms with a silky camisole, the top all by itself).
  • Silky camisole and boy shorts - You can mix and match these with your pajamas or wear them together.
  • Kimono - This looks great on everyone and still covers enough. Plus, you're husband will be busy imagining what's underneath!
  • Lacy bra and matching underwear - This is one I need to work on. I'm pretty sure I haven't had a cute matching set since we were first married.
  • You can also add some optional items to make things a little more fun like some fabulous heels, a teddy, and a boa.
For tonight, and preferably most nights, wear something sexy to sleep in and get rid of that old t-shirt or sweats. If you're wearing one of his old shirts that he doesn't want to wear anymore, than he probably doesn't want to see it on you either. :)

If you're not too thrilled about this project, there's an article titled "The Real Woman's Guide to Lingerie Shopping" in the back of The Husband Project that you should really check out.


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