Monday, November 8, 2010

The Husband Project: Project 13

On My Mind

Turning Your Thoughts toward Him

Today's project is to set up reminders during your day to think and pray for your husband. Let him know sometime during the day that he has been on your mind.

I'm sure there are a million and one thoughts going through your mind at any given time, just like any other busy mom, but how often are those thoughts about your man? Not about his to do list, but just about him and how much you love him?

I know, you don't need another thing to remember. Trust me, this won't take much effort. Maybe you could put a picture of him on your desk or carry something that reminds you of him in your purse. I'm a scheduler, so I set an alarm on my phone to remind me throughout the day. By the end of the day, I didn't need the alarm anymore because I almost couldn't get my hubby out of my mind. Once I started thinking about some of my favorite memories of him or the wonderful things he does, I thought about him even more.

After you've been thinking about your man, it's time to call him and let him know. It'll make his day to hear that he's been on your mind all day. But, remember that this call is to just let him know that you've been thinking about him; it shouldn't also turn into a call to remind him to pick up some milk or to vent about your day.

For myself, I'm one of those women that calls my husband constantly. I know that I take advantage of the fact that we're both our own bosses, but I need to remember that just because I'm not busy on a certain day, doesn't mean that he has time to sit and chat. So, my best gift to my husband was not calling. Well, I did call to tell him I was thinking about him, but there was no complaining about my day and I only called that one time.

Kathi lists some good boundaries for phone calls:
  • He doesn't need to know what you had for lunch, unless he asks.
  • He doesn't need a detailed rundown of every awful thing your kids have done.
  • He doesn't need to know that you forgot something at the store.
So, put out some reminders and set your alarm so you'll stop and think about your husband throughout the day and then let him know - well, not about the reminders, but that you were thinking about him. Trust me, it'll be worth it!

Tomorrow's project is to cook something for your husband.


  1. What a nice way to remember Hubby! My husband loves it when I call him to tell him I love him - even after 40 years of marriage.

  2. Sometimes in the rush of everyday life, it is important to make sure that this priority is actually receiving priority status! Thanks for the reminder!