Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Husband Project: Project 10

Dress to Impress
Wear Something Just for Him

Today's project is to wear something just for him. It can be something new or something you already own.

This project goes along with last week's project, Trophy Wife, but, besides just wearing clothes that YOU know you look good in, think about what HE loves to see you in. It could be a certain shirt or jeans, or a certain way you wear your hair. 

Just like Kathi, I was in a ponytail rut for awhile after having little man. It was just so easy, especially on the days when I knew we weren't going to be leaving the house. Plus, when you have a toddler that loves to throw food, a ponytail is about the only way to keep the food out of your own hair. The days I wore my hair down were so far and few between that my husband would actually ask me why I was dressed up whenever I wore it down! I know he likes it when I wear my hair down so I figured out a quick hair style routine that only takes me a few minutes in the morning and if I need to put it up during the day, I just put some hair clips in. When hubby gets home, I just take the hair clips out.

What I loved about this project is that Kathi brought up something that women are famous for - waiting until...
I lose weight
The kids are in school
I go back to work
I get a better job

If you feel undeserving now, nothing magical is going to happen once you hit these goals that's 'going to suddenly make you feel worthy of taking care of yourself.' There's always going to be another reason to wait and someone to compare yourself to. But, your husband married YOU not one of those other millions of women. As Kathi says, "there's no reason to postpone being the best you can be, right now."

I have a couple shirts that I know my husband likes, so I'll be wearing one of those today. Remember, even if your husband doesn't say anything, he probably noticed. Even if he didn't, I bet it made you feel better.

How did yesterday's project go? .

Tomorrow's project is Stress-Be-Gone - Eliminate Something That Makes Him Crazy.


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