Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Husband Project: Project 11

Eliminate Something that Makes Him Crazy

Today's project is to remove one stressor from your husband's life. "Figure out what makes him feel a tiny sense of defeat each day and plan to remove it."

It could be something as simple as replacing a watch battery or fixing that button on his favorite shirt. Is there a hot spot in your house that drives your man crazy? Is your bathroom counter full of makeup and products? Is your counter overflowing with papers? Remember, this isn't something that stresses YOU out. Don't spend hours organizing your closet for this project if it's not something that bothers your husband.

Our hot spot is the desk. It's right by the back door so everything gets piled on it - from sippy cups, to mail, to craft projects, there are even a few dryer balls sitting on my desk right now. We only have one desktop computer that we both use and I know it drives my husband crazy when he has to move all of my 'stuff' just to get some work done. My goal is to clean and organize our desk area so it's not so overwhelming. I even bought a couple of those plastic drawers so we can have places to put 'his' and 'hers' projects.

How did yesterday's project go? The past few days my husband's been getting home right when I'm about ready for bed - sweats and a t-shirt, hair up, and no makeup. He was surprised when he came home last night and my hair was down, and I had jeans and a nice shirt on.

Tomorrow's project is Gotcha! - Notice the Great Things He Does. 


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