Monday, October 25, 2010

The Husband Project: Project 9

Hi-ho, Hi-ho
Working Together

Today's project is to help your husband get a job done. It could be helping him get one of his regular chores done, assisting him in a project he enjoys, or helping out his favorite charity.

If you feel that your husband doesn't really need your help, try to find a way to support him while he's working on his project or activity. If he'd rather work alone, maybe you could bring him a cold drink or some snacks. In "The Husband Project", Kathi talks about working with her husband to make his world famous salsa. Her husband doesn't really need her help making the salsa, but she is happy to support him by "shopping for ingredients, getting him the cutting board, cleaning up afterward."

This project is also a great way to have a little fun too! Maybe you could cook dinner together and turn it into a 'date night'. Or help him wash his car. Water and a little flirting can always create some fun times! :)

We are still harvesting right now so we don't really have the time to work on projects together at this time. But, I am supporting him by helping him move equipment and bringing him food and drinks while he's working.

How did yesterday's project go for you?

Tomorrow's project is Dress to Impress - Wear Something Just for Him.


  1. i have fallen off the wagon and got side tracked making baby hats :) i'll get back on soon, but i still try to do some of the last ones that i've done. congrats on sticking to it!!!

  2. I have done at least a variant of each of the projects so's going to be hard to do this one, since we only spend about two waking hours in the same place on Mondays!

    However, I did participate in the bonus project...yes, ma'am!! ;)