Monday, October 18, 2010

The Husband Project: Project 2

"Back in the Day"
Do Something He Enjoyed Before You Got Married

Our project for today is to initiate an activity that your husband used to love. Think about what you two used to do when you were dating. We used to spend a lot of time going out with friends, playing cards, watching football. We would meet up with some friends at the local sports bar to catch the Husker game or we'd all get together to play a couple rounds of cards. On the weekends, we would've been found at the lake, probably camping and definitely fishing. Then we all started getting married and having babies. Now we're all too busy with life. We all have jobs, kids, mortgages. But, that doesn't mean the fun has to stop, it just needs to change a little.

Instead of heading to the sports bar, turn the game on TV and let him watch it without any distractions. Pull out a deck of cards and let him teach you how to play. Pack a picnic style lunch, grab the fishing poles, and head to the lake for an afternoon. Sure, it may not be your favorite activity but just think back to when you were dating. I know I would've spent many mosquito filled nights outside just to be near him.

Since football season has started, I've already been practicing this project. I've been recording the games for hubby to watch when he gets home and I actually sit down and watch the games with him, instead of heading to another part of the house like I usually do.

My plan for this project is to grab a deck of cards tonight and ask my husband to teach me how to play 10 point pitch. I love playing cards, but 10 point pitch is a game I've never been able to wrap my head around. Hubby loves it though. Even if I still can't figure it out, I'm sure we'll have fun trying!

How did you do on yesterday's project, "30 Minutes is all It Takes"? Since I've been doing that one for awhile, nothing really changed for us. I still think Hubby is a little leery though. :)

Tomorrow's project is "Spreading Great Gossip about Your Guy".

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  1. This is a great reminder. My husband and I met in 1994 and sometimes between two little ones and him so busy with work, we could use a little more focus on us. Thanks for the ideas and tips!