Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Husband Project: Project 1

"30 Minutes is All it Takes"

Today's project is to create some free time when your husband gets home. Most men need some sort of transition time to mark the end of work and the beginning of home.

Think about how you greet your husband when he comes home from work. Do you automatically hand the kids to him so you can get something done? Do you give him a list of honey-do's before he even lets go of the doorknob?

If he is home first, do you immediately start complaining about your day when you get home?

Even I need a little bit of quiet time just to get unfrazzled everyday. My quiet time is usually during little man's afternoon nap. I used to work or clean during nap time, until I realized that I needed that little slice of 'me time' everyday to keep me sane. Trust me, I am a much better person to be around after I take a few moments just to relax.

I never even considered that my husband might need that time to. He's not around other people very often for his job, so I just figured he got all the quiet time he needed. Problem was, even if it was 'quiet' he was still hard at work.

Every husband is different, your husband may be the type to need 30 minutes of quiet when he gets home, or maybe he just wants to have you listen, really listen, about his day. The transitional time might not be the same everyday either. Some days, my husband just likes to relax in the recliner when he gets home. Other days, we sit at the kitchen table and he tells me about his day. Then there are the times when he just wants to get home and play with little man before doing anything else.

So, for today's project, think about what happens when your husband gets home. If your husband already has some sort of transition routine, try to find something to make that time even better. It could just mean making sure his favorite soda in the fridge, or giving him control of the remote.

I've been doing this project since I bought The Husband Project. The first few days, my husband was a little perplexed, maybe even a little scared. He thought maybe one of us was dying, or I did something wrong. He even went so far as to go in the garage and check my vehicle - just in case I wrecked it! Don't be concerned if you get the same reactions out of your husbands too. He eventually realized nothing was wrong and, you know what? He helps out around the house even more now - without even being asked! Crazy, huh?


  1. What do you recommend if today is their day off?

  2. I was actually surprised that no one asked this the first time around. :) I guess it depends on what he did today. Was he busy working around the house, or did you guys take it easy today. Maybe just give him some time to himself if he was pretty busy, or let him watch something that he wants to on TV. My husband would be thrilled to watch something other than Desperate Housewives on Sunday night - of course, I'll still record it!
    You don't necessarily have to do every project every day. Sometimes the project just doesn't fit into a certain day.